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Keyword Stuffing is a No No

Don’t keyword stuff! Keyword stuffing is a big NO. it’s when you try “stuffing” as many keywords into a webpage or post to try and manipulate search engines. In the early days of search engines anyone could manipulate a webpage or posts rankings by keyword stuffing, times have changed and this practice doesn’t look natural and very spammy. It’s considered to be a black-hat tatic, search engines like Google and Bing frown upon black-hat methods as all it does is overkill the search engine algorithm so don’t give into the temptation and cramming as many keywords instead just write good content that people and search engines visiting your page will enjoy and making it more of a user friendly experience.

Using keywords Correctly

Just like in everyday life doing the right thing works out for the best and that should also apply to your website and your help your websites online visibility to grow. Trying to be sneaking and manipulate search engines with keyword stuffing will not work, you must follow the best SEO practice for it to work.

It all starts with creating content that your visitors will actually find useful. A really important SEO technique is to focus on one primary keyword, which is going to be the reflective of the whole content. Keep in mind that the keyword is going to be a popular search term making it easier to achieve a higher rank, this will also make search engines understand your content a whole lot easier. While keyword stuffing won’t give your brownie points it is also advantageous to include secondary keywords and long-tailed keywords within the body content to help promote your topic and webpage /post. Another good technique is to keep the word count of your content over 300 words as this will indicate to search engines that your content if valuable and informative.

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