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How to Respond & Delete a Bad Google Review

93 per cent of customers read customer feedback before taking a local business choice. If only 1-3 reviews take place for 40% of interested buyers to make an online product choice, it is more critical than ever that the reviews represent the business favourably and appropriately. In a time where every rating is significant, the opportunity to delete unfavourable Google feedback and successfully maintain your online credibility can be a game-changer for your local businesses. Google has 9 different offences that require companies to delete unfavourable, derogatory, and false ratings from their listings. Through deleting comments that breach Google’s Review Policies, a company will increase its scores, boost ranks, and potentially encourage more consumers to visit their companies. You can’t expect to please all the people, all the time. Unsatisfied consumers are part of operating a company because, by promoting honesty, it means that not all of the comments have been written by the peers and family. Businesses taking away negative reviews deny their customers the opportunity to provide honest feedback on their experiences.

  • You are not supposed to react that quickly. First, you are supposed to read the feedback thoroughly without panicking.
  • When you’re back in your senses, decide if the review is real or fake. Are you able to remember the poster? If you don’t, this might be a fake review.
  • Reply. If the analysis is fake, flag it, and tell why you believe it’s fake. If it is real, seek to solve the problem or have some calm, logical answer.
  • Try to change the mind of the customer. If the criticism was true and the reviewer was fair, seek and address the issue and change their mind. Then ask them to change their analysis. With a little bit of luck, you got your bad review on Google.

What to do?

Request the Customer to rectify their Review

Google reviews are not permanent and thus can be changed or deleted if you ask the reviewer politely. Respond to the review. Thank them for writing a review and putting in their time and effort, and apologize to them for whatever inconvenience you’ve caused them. After you have informed them that their complaint has been rectified, do give them your contact and ask for compensation, offering them something special, like a discount or a gift etc. once this is done and they are satisfied with your service, ask them to change or delete their review, while explaining to them what this negative reviews might cause to your business.

Bring the bad review down

Many people read fewer than six business reviews. This implies, while you might not be able to completely delete the comment from the page, you may effectively eliminate the Google review from view by including certain good feedbacks. If you have six more good feedbacks, most people won’t see the bad one. If you reach 10, you’ve eliminated 90 per cent of your consumers from the Google Review.

Flag and respond to fake google review

If you’re quite sure the review is fake, then mark it as spam and report it. This alerts Google staff to check it out and delete it if it’s false. Legal action may also be taken against someone who is intentionally doing this.

Although there is no easy or clear method to erase a review that might actually harm your reputation, following the actions described above, you can be prepared for circumstances when your company would benefit from a Google review being removed or changed. Your credibility as a successful business is a good asset. Although it may seem obvious, the only way to protect it is to operate a respectable business. It is always a smarter practice to encourage people with favorable encounters to compose reviews on a daily basis. This way, whether you choose to delete a Google analysis, consumers would still know who to trust.

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